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BY Edward Mast
Directed by Dave Robinson

Permance Dates: June 9th & 16th at 7:30 p.m.
June 10-11 & June 17-18 at 2:30 p.m.

   Bored this weekend?  Don't have anything to do?  Want to get out of the house, away from the television, computer, or all that summer reading?  Well go treat yourself to an enjoyable dramatic experience at the SANDS THEATER in DELAND FL.
It's extremely easy to find.  It is located at 600 N Woodland Blvd. DeLand FL.  It's located right near STETSON college!!!!!
Best of all it's very affordable; $3 for children and $5 for adults!   It stars many accomplished teenage actors and an excellant young actor who is younger than most of the cast, but is still an awesome actor!

Cast List:                                                           Character
Jeremy Clark                                                          Mowgli  (the man boy)
David Washburn                                                     Baloo  (the bear)
Kevin Kearney                                                       Bagheera ( panther)
David Harris                                                           Sherakhan (tiger)
Robert Cunha, Meg Hallmon                               Akela ( leader of the Wolfpack)
Sarina Gomez                                                        Grab (a wolf)
Kevin Francis                                                        Grey (a wolf)
Chelsea Cox, Julie Edge, Katie Keyser            Kaa ( the snake)
Kelly Kolbus, Matthew Wallace                         Hathi (the elephant)
Travis Clark                                                           Hyena ( the hyena)
Carol Palumbo                                                      Chil (the vulture)
Jodie Kalvin                                                          Monkey (the monkey)
Leah Pitrone                                                         Buffalo (a buffalo)
Leah Pitrone, Travis Clark, Chelea Cox,          Humans (humans)
Jodie Kalvin, Carol Palumbo

People whom we (the cast) owe a great deal to, for without them there would have been no play!
Dave Robinson                                                    Director
Nikki Flinn                                                            Assistant Director / Stage Manager
Mike Keyser                                                        Set Construction & Lighting Design
Dave Robinson                                                    Set Design
Melanie Perryman and Cast                             Costumes
John Watson                                                       Light Board Operator
Sound Board Operator                                      Kimberly Bender
Pierson Rintz                                                       Music and Sound Consultant
Regan Cassanova                                              Special Movement Consultant.

Special Thanks goes to Darlene Lentz, Chris Kalvin, and Karen Clark!

If you need directions or have any other questions concerning this excellant performance please call the SANDS THEATER at (904) 738-7156!

I really hope that you have a chance to see this play!  This is my FIRST major performance.  I get to be the bad guy!!!!
It's really fun, you get to let your emotions and caring attitude go.  The only downside is then some people might think that you are really not a good person.   Thankfully that hasn't happened to me, and I hope it never does!



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