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Welcome to my Top 15 Movies Page of my website maze!!!

This page contains:
(A) A list of my favorite movies
(B) A summary of each one, with some links for a few of the movies
(C) A link to my favorite movie trailer website

My Top 15 Favorite Movies

  1. The Newsies

  2. This movie is a musical based on a true story; about a group of boys who sell newspapers. They are growing up in New York, and are sick and tired of the huge company heads of the newspaper industry bossing them around. When Mr. Pulizter raises the price that the newsies have to pay to get their papers to inturn sell to the public, the boys go on strike!
    RATING: FIVE STARS! COMMENTS: This movie is endearing, and is a must see feature film for anyone who wants to applaud for the under dog, and enjoys good music. Rent it from your local Library today!
    Interested, download a song sample of Once and For All
    I personally have listened to these music files millions of times!
  3. The Coneheads

  4. This is a hilarious comedy about aliens called "Coneheads," who crashed their ship on earth, and ended up raising a daughter there, who loved earth and didn't want to go back to Remulack, the Coneheads home planet!"
    RATING: Five STARS! COMMENTS: This movie is extrememly funny, Dan Akroyd trully outdid himself in playing Beldar, the father unit of the conehead clan.
    Still interested, download a sound file of Beldar yelling
  5. Big Trouble In Little China

  6. This movie is about an american who gets stuck in a situation that he'd rather no be in in Chinatown, San Francisco. There are these magical beings who want a girl with green eyes to marry their master, so that a curse will be lifted from him.
    Rating: 4.5 stars! Comments: This is a great movie for those who are interested in magic, martial arts action, scifi, and mystery!
    Still interested, here's a clip from the movie. If you want even more information about the movie go to The Wing Kong ExchangeWebsite.
  7. Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country

  8. Travel into the Klingon Empire with the crew of U.S.S. Enterprise. This time, Captain Kirk has to make a treaty with the Klingons whom have been his sworn enemy for all of his life. To make peace with them is extremely hard, for many reasons; one of which is that his son David Marcus was killed by Klingons.
    Rating: Five Stars! Comments: This is one of the best of all of the Star Trek movies. If your interested in Scifi, adventure, action, and deceite, than this is the movie for you.
    Still interested, if you're a true Star Trek fan, then visit the Official Star Trek Website

  10. This time, a killer is out on the loose. A certain organization thinks that they have successfully killed Clouseau, but they haven't! This time Clouseau goes around, letting people think that he is dead, to find out what exactly was going on.
  11. The Pink Panther Strikes Again

  12. Peter Sellers returns yet again in his famous role of Chief Inspector Clouseau. This time, his boss, is sick and tired of seeking help for his problem with wanting to kill Clouseau. So, instead, he goes off the deap end. He buys a castel, kidnaps a scientist, and forces him to tell him how to use a weapon of extreme power, to destroy great places of the world. In the end, well, you'll just have to rent the movie to find out about that, won't you?
    If you're really interested in the Pink Panther collection of fine vidoes, you can find out more information about them if you click
  13. Back to the Future Part II This movie expands the imagination. This time, Marty and Doc go to the future to save Marty's future family, who will wind up in jail framed for a murder, if they do nothing. Marty and Doc go to the future, and prevent this from happening. Yet, something worse happens, Biff steals Marty's Sports Almanac with statistics of who had won certain sporting events over the past 50 years. Biff goes back in time, gives the Alamanac to his younger self who then uses it to make millions which totally messes up the future of Hill Valley in 1985. Will Marty fix this rotten situation? Rent the movie, and find out!

  14. Still interested, then go to the Official Back to the Future Web Site to find out more.
  15. BACK TO THE FUTURE III This is pretty much the only western that you'll find me watching. This movie is good because of the way that time travelers would appear to us in the Old West. I mean have you seen Marty's cowboy outfit(the first one), I mean, I don't think so. The main plot of the Story is that Marty goes back in time to save Doc from being shot by Bufford Tanin over a matter of $80. Doc also finally finds the lady of his dreams. All in all this is a great movie.
  16. Home Alone II

  17. This time, Kevin is lost in New York, because he got on the wrong plane, and istead of going to Florida with the rest of his family he ends up in New York. Yet, he isn't alone, Harry and Marv are there also, up to their old tricks again. Will Kevin ever be with his family again, of course he will, but you need to see the movie to know the whole story.
  18. Short Circuit

  19. This is a very funny movie about a robot owned by the government who gets stuck by an electric current, and becomes alive. He struggles to learn the ways of the earth people. Yet the army wants him back, and won't take no for an answer. The robot takes a name, Johnny Five, in the end of the movie. You'll never guess how he got out of that mess.
  20. Short Circuit II

  21. Johnny Five is back, and this time he is wanted to make miniatures of himself for sale on the market, to earn money for himself, his friend, and another not so good friend. This one "so called friend uses Johnny's ability to dig through rock, to help him steal diamonds. Yet Johnny doesn't know this, until its too late. Now Johnny's so called friend want to kill him, because he is a witness. If you want to find out what happens you have to see the movie! It is extremely touching, and humorous!
  22. Jackie Chan's First Strike

  23. This time, Jackie has to go to Australia, to stop who he believes is the enemy, when in reality he is being used by the Russian government. This movie has great martial arts, and an excellent amount of action!
  24. Jackie Chan's Super COP Jackie Chan's back, and this time he is outnumbered and outgunned. He has the help of a another cop, and together they infultrate a big crime bosses opperation. Will Jackie get out alive?
  25. Star Trek IV The Final Frontier

  26. This movie is one of my favorite Star Trek Films because this time the crew of the enterprise goes back in time to find two wales, which are needed to save the future from a probe of sorts, which is threatening the earth. The crew go back in time, infultrate modern day society, borrow two wales and a thick sheet of glass, and go back to the 24th century.
  27. Star Trek Generations

  28. This movie is yet another great movie. The only bad part about it is that Jim Kirk gets killed, or does he? In the Star Trek universe anything can happen, so don't be surprised if you see Kirk show up again in the future. Anyway this movie is about an insane Doctor Sorren who will do anything to return to the Nexus, which is a place where time does not exist, and you can outlive your fantasies. The only way he can get back there, is to destroy a star, which will destroy all the life in a solar system. Will Kirk and Picard be able to prevent him from returning to the nexus, and destroying that region of space? Well, to find out you'll have to watch the movie.

If you want to see clips of most of these movies, or mostly any other modern movie, then go to, they have a great selection of movie trailers.

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