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Roswell New Mexico a place of mystery for many years has gone through many different producers hands at different movie and tv studios.  Many have chosen to do stories or tv series based on the one thing that makes Roswell famous.

... ALIENS ... 
I have seen three series that have dealt with Roswell out of the many that I am sure do exist!

The show based on weird alien siting which was shown on UPN last year hosted by Jonathan Frakes (Will T. Riker from Star Trek TNG), was the first one I've seen.

        In this awesome series a young man is employed by a secret organization to help them find out about supposed alien sightings.  If it is real, it is the organizations job to cover that fact up and not let the public know about it.
        The organization tells the man that he can tell no one about his activities with the organization and to just continue his life as though nothing happened.  He can't even tell his girlfriend.  His first attempt to cover this up was when he had a mission to go on for the organization.  He told his girlfriend that he had to work late and he told his employers another story.  This gets him in trouble with his girlfriend when she calls the workplace and finds that he isn't there.  Now she knows that her boyfriend is lying to her.  When he comes home he decides to finally tell her about the secret organization even though he isn't suppose to.
        After about while, he leaves the organization because he doesn't like the way they carry out their investigations.  Now he and his girlfriend are constantly running from the organization.  They want him (John) back not only because he took an alien artifact of the person who hired him, but also because they don't want him to "spill the beans" about the organization's activities to the public; which would totally destroy their organization.  John and his girlfriend have many encounters with the organization, but still keep going for they wish to know the truth about ALIENS, and they know that "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE."

        Roswell New Mexico seem like just another ordinary city, like that of any other city in the U.S.  The people in Roswell are about to find out differently.
        Liz Parker a seemingly normal human teenager gets caught up with three other unique teenagers.  Two seem normal enough while the other, Michael, is a rebel who hates school and wants to get out of Roswell.  Michael and the two other alien teenagers (Max and Isabell Evans) want to find out the truth about their origins; who they are, how did they get here, where they are from, and if there are any more of their kind out there or on earth, and many more seemingly unanswerable questions.
        Before Liz met Max and his friends, she was friends with a person named Alex.  They had been friends since the 5th grade (5 years), even though they actually met in 4th, but Liz never noticed him.  He can be described as your all around good kid who would do anything for a friend.  Alex is a good and dependable person, and from this authors point of view it practically made me scream at my tv scream when Liz wouldn't tell Alex the truth about Max because she couldn't.  That is where their (Alex and Liz's) friendship ended, sadly.

*Please note that all my information is based on my knowledge of Roswell as far as the point that Alex and Liz ended their friendship. So, if anything has changed since then, which I am sure has, please bear with me.  Arigato Gozaimasu,
Gracias (Thank You)

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