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Bio Diversity Test 2 Notes

In order to save a day of notes right click on the link and choose "save target as" if you're using IE (Internet Explorer) then your computer will prompt you for where on your computer you want to save the file.
Please note that all the following links are in RTF (Rich Text Format) and should be able to be read by most modern word processors (like Microsoft Word or Word Pad or whichever program you use to type up letters/notes/etc...).

If for some reason you can't read the files in your normal word processor - try opening the files in Wordpad.

To access Wordpad go to the Start menu-go to run, type in "wordpad.exe" without quotes and hit enter.

Note: Sorry about any spelling errors in the notes. For reference purposes if you ever see "w/" it stands for "with" & "b/w" stands for "between". If you ever see /* */ anything between the /* & */ are just comments that he mentioned in class but did not have in his written notes.
N stands for notes.


Any questions please e-mail me.
Good luck minna (everyone).