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                                                                THE  INTERESTING WORLD OF SCIFI (and a few movies)
    There are some great scifi shows out in the world today.  Shows like Sliders, Quantum Leap, Wonder Woman, Star Trek-TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager, Stargate SG-1, Alien Nation, and Earth 2.  Granted most of these shows are old, and have ended, except Star Trek Voyager, Stargate SG-1, and Sliders (5th season).  The only three scifi shows that would be great for everyone to see back on the air with new episodes would be Quantum Leap, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek DS9.  In my opinion, I think that DS9 ended too quickly, probably because Paramount wanted to spend more time with Voyager, and get it into as great a show as DS9 was.  The finale was good, just like the finally for TNG, and if there was a finale for TOS (The Original Series-Kirk era), I would really love too find out about it.  If you do know of a finale for TOS, please e-mail my brother on his web page (link on the main page), and he'll tell me about it.  I would very much appreciate it.  I also was wondering is the final episode for TNG (Picard era) available on video cassette, if it is please e-mail my brother, I would very much appreciate it. John de Lancie is a great actor and play the part of Q beautifully.
This is John De Lancie as the famous sheriff of Notingham in Star Treks Robin Hood episode.

                                                       FAMILY SHOWS
1) 7th Heaven.  This show is one of the best shows on the air these days which deals with problems that normal teenagers like myself might encounter in our lives.  This doesn't mean that in real life all of the situations on 7th Heaven will happen to you, or to me, it just encircles a  numerous amount of possibilities.  My favorite actress on the show is Beverly Mitchell who plays Lucy Camden, a sophomore in high school that made it on the cheerleading squad in her last year of junior high.

The beautiful and talented Beverly Mitchell.  Isn't she beautiful!
She has two sisters(Mary and Ruthie), two brothers(Matt and Simon,) and two new siblings (twins) coming into the Camden household.  Her father is the Rev. Eric Camden whose favorite hobby is is shooting pool.  He also had a minor role in Star Trek The Motion Picture.  Her mother, Annie Camden has learned a skill with each pregnancy, with the twins she learned piano. Some of you may not know this but she starred in Star Trek IV (one of my favorite Trek Movies) The Voyage Home.  She was the lady who wanted to save the wales, and whom Captain Kirk had dinner with, and couldn't pay because he had no money.

1. The Newsies, which is a musical about a group of boys who sell papers on the streets of New York.  The music is excellent, and is a must see movie, rent it from your library today.
2.  Home Alone 2, Lost in New York.  This time Marv and Harry aren't hitting houses, but Duncan's Toy Chest, and when Kevin gets in their way, they are just asking for trouble, a good comedy movie.  It has great shots of the world renowned Plaza Hotel, where my grandfather worked as a baker.  The only bad part of this movie is that it was raining in Florida during the film, on purpose, which makes Florida look like it is a bad place to spend the holidays, which I assure you is dead wrong.  Also there is a major discrepancy in the movie, when Kevin said that there were no christmas trees in Florida.  HA, ya right I know for certain that Florida has Christmas trees, because the youth group at my church(St. Peter's in De Land) sell them every Christmas.
3. Big Trouble in Little China
4. Coneheads starring Dan Akroyd
5. Mortal Kombat (the original movie has a far better plot than the sequel Mortal Kombat Annihilation(MKA), I mean Annimality, how fake is that, and only two minutes with Sub Zero and Scorpion, sheesh, if you have seen Mortal Kombat already, which you probably have, and are a strong Mortal Kombat fan and watch MKA, don't expect much except a rushed through story line.  It seems like the producers were rushing this film too much.  I am sure that if they did an MKA special edition, all of that could be fixed.
6. Star Trek IV and VI
7. Star Wars Return of the Jedi.
8. The Revenge of the Pink Panther.
9. All of the Back to the Future Movies starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. (Yes, I know it is more than one movie, but oh well)
10. Short Circuit 1 and 2.




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