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                                                             DE LAND FLORIDA

    De Land was founded by Henry De Land, and started out as a very small town.  Now, much of that has changed.
It is compiled of an enormous assortment of stores downtown.  It also has interesting places to go and visit.  My
personal favorite is the Cultural Arts Center (Sands Theater).  You can also stop by Mr. Shaw's Barber Shop for a
nice hair cut done by friendly people.  After that you can stop off at Victoria Square 6, by Denies on Woodland Blvd.
There are also clothing stores, like Gibbs for Men; and antique shops, and much, much, more.   Going outside the city limits of De Land, but still in De Land, you can find the Volusia Square Shopping Center with great stores like, Office Max, Bells,
Uptons, Subway, Radio Shack, Win Dixie, and Nations-soon to be- The American Bank.  Just a block down from there you can find Checkers, Publix, Walgreens, and other places.  Well, I could be here forever telling you about the places in De Land, but if I did, the page would be filled.  This is not an advertising page, just an information page on the places in
De land.


    All during the year The Cultural Arts Center puts on plays for all age groups.  For little Susie or Joey; and for Uncle Jo and Aunt Bess.  This year, I was in a play that was this past June.  It was called, "THE BEAUTY OF DREAMING WOOD".  It was primarily a Cinderella story with a few nice twists and turns.  It was shown to the public on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from June 11-22nd.  We always put on plays like this annually, around the same time in June.  It is located on Woodland Blvd (1792), a block away from the Holiday House going toward downtown De Land.  Most people
know that it is bad luck to say good luck before a performance, but it also bad luck to say Macbeth before a production.
I read that the only way to remedy this bad luck is to run around the building a few times.  Want to know more about drama, check out the part on my site about Lopez Drama.

DeLand High School and Father Lopez High School!
    Good luck incoming Freshman, if you try your best to study hard, and relax a little when time is allotted; before you know it, you'll be graduating.  Welcome back all juniors (Tiffany T, Mike Metz, David K, David W, Catherine H, Shasta H, Mary M. C, Nicole H, Max, Bryan L, Katie K, and John R).

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