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Welcome to the Deland part of my website maze!!!

De Land is a great city, the city in which I have spent most of my life. Many people call Deland "Dead land," which is of course, totally untrue. My main reason for making this page is to proove that De Land is truly not dead!
There are many, many things to do in De Land.
You can go to

  1. The De Land Public Library

  2. This place is just bursting with information, and has practically any book that one would need or desire. In the off chance that they don't have what you're looking for, they do know where they can obtain it for you.
  3. The Cultural Arts Center

  4. Ever feel like going to see some live shows? Then this is the place for you. You can both volunteer to be an actor in one of the many plays that they put on, or you can go and see one. These plays are done in a professional manner. All of the plays, both adults, and children can enjoy; whether your little Susie, or Big George!
    I personally have been in two of these marvelous plays which they have put on. I played the part of "Little Banjo"(one of the seven dwarfs) in the play "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forest," which debuted in June of 1998! I also played the part of "Haraldabore" in the play, "The Beauty of Dreaming Wood," which debuted in June of 1999! In order to participate in those two particular plays, you had to be in either middle school or high school. That doesn't mean that those were the only plays one could participate in, they also have plays that young kids, and adults can participate in, as well!!
  5. The Victoria Square Six Movie Theatre

  6. If you ever want to see a recent movie, relax with some pop corn and a some friends, this is the place for you! This movie theatre seats a good amount of people, and plays most of the very recent movies for an affordable price!
  7. St. Peter's Catholic School

  8. If you have a child who needs a good school to go to that is both safe and can give your child a proper education for his or her future, then St. Peter's is definantly the school that you're looking for! St. Peter's has clean school grounds, friendly and capable teachers, good facilities, and a fair disciplinary code. The uniforms are pretty good too. You don't have to wear a tie, or suit, just a collared shirt, and long blue pants for the guys, or a collared shirt, and a skirt or jumper for the girls. All of this education, plus freedom to learn about and worship God, which is the most important part of a school. At this schoo, a kid won't get punished just for praying, or reading the Bible; which is something that they might be punished for in public school. There are of course no guns, drugs, or knives, which sometimes, unfortunately are found in the public school. If you can't afford to send your child here, and still wants them to go there, don't worry. St. Peter's supports those children, with money from kind people in the parish, next door.
    I personally attended St. Peter's from 1st grade all the way through to and including 8th grade, and I loved it, and I hope that your son or daughter will to!
  9. St. Peter's Catholic Church

  10. If you want to become a catholic or already are catholic, and want to learn about God, then St. Peter's Church is for you! We have many fundraisers during the year, we have a religious education for those who don't go to St. Peter's school. We also have friendly parishoners, who are always ready to to be of service to the community.
  11. Publix

  12. Yes, we too in the town of Deland have a Publix, or should I say two Publix Shopping Centers.
  13. Subway

  14. Yes, believe it or not we also have two Subway sandwich shops.
  15. Win Dixie

  16. Yes, we also have two Winn Dixie supermarkets.
  17. Office Max

  18. If you want practically any office supplies, or school supplies, then this is by far the best place to go!

That's not all, I haven't even scratched the surface. If you want to know the full extent of what the great city of Deland offers, then click here
So concludes my humble page to the great city of Deland Florida.

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