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Hi, this page is devoted to music that I am interested in.  I do have a few sample songs in wav format, or midi format. If you have media player, or winamp, you should be able to play both the midi and wav files.
You might also find some music samples on my Scifi page or my My Top 15 Movies Page
I have divided this page up into sections, for easy access to different inerests.


Antiloop is a swedish band formed by Robin Soderman and David Westerlund in 1994.

In 1995 they released the song Beauty and the Beast, along with many others. Antiloop's song's have succeeded majorly in Normay and Sweden. In June 1996 they released their first album called LP.
Some of their great songs include:

Start Rockin is their newest song!
My personal favorite antiloop songs are the Antiloop Intro, Trespasser, and Believe. Still interested in Antiloop. You can download a midi file of Antiloop's THIS IS THE NIGHT
If you want the latest news on Antiloop go to theofficial websitewhere you can download thier latest song! Or the unofficial website


The Scifi Movie Dune has been the inspiration for the band, called DUNE. There are a large amount of songs which they are made. A lot of them are excelent! There is also a Dune book, as well as a Dune video game, not related to the band.
Some of the Band's/or movie's great songs include:

There are many, many more songs that go with the Dune movie and Dune, the band. Still interested in Dune? Then check out this awesome sitededicated to the band Dune.


There are also a few other songs which are very interesting to listen to!!! They include...
  1. Final Fantasy VIII'sEYES ON MESung by the famous japanese singer, Faye Wong! You can download the song in either rm or ra format off of that site)

  2. (Yes, its in English)
  3. Rob D'sClubbed to Death( don't let the name fool you, it's really a good song, and this clip is property of
  4. Real Life'sSend Me An AngelReal Life is an 80's rock group band. I first heard this song in the movie, "Teen Wolf TOO!"
  5. Markus and Erik Brand's Last Ninja
  6. Sash's Stay
That concludes my page on music, I hope that you've enjoyed you're stay at Scifisamurai's Song Page of my website maze, please feel free to visit any time. Hopefully I will be making additions to what you see here.

Comments, Requests, or Questions, please feel free to E-mail me.