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You have now reached the SCIFI portion of my maze!!!

Hello, again, and welcome to the scifi portion of my vast website maze! I have divided this page to be devoted mainly to the Star Trek Saga, and a little on Dr. Who. I have also listed a few other interesting pieces of Scifi.

Now without further ado I present to you the world of

The idea of Star Trek was thought up in the mind of the "great bird of the galaxy" Gene Roddenbury. From his idea grew a whole universe full of beings and alien races. Through Star Trek we learn to wonder what exactly could be out there, in the galaxy.


Star Trek originated around the time when television was changing from black and white to color. It started with the pilot episode entitle "The Cage." This would be the only Star Trek episode to have the famous Captain Christopher Pike as captain of the Starship Enterprise. Star Trek broke many of the boundaries of the world in that episode by making a woman be Captain Pike's number one, or 2nd in command. Evidently Paramount didn't like this, so they scraped the crew members and decided to start out with a new cast.

This new cast was the one that would carry the series onward. The cast members were:

The above picture shows the entire senior staff of the Star Ship Enterprise
Few people know this, but there was a time when Star Trek wasn't so popular. The company that was airing Star Trek decided to move the series from 7:00 pm. on Monday to 10:00 pm on Friday (the dead spot).

Why was that time slot so bad? Well its simple, that's when little children are asleep, and older people are out somewhere. Gene Roddenbery got mad about this, and said either to put Star Trek back into a decent time slot, or he was walking. Well, Mr. Roddenbery walked, thus ending the original series without a proper series finale episode, and putting allot of people out of work.
William Shatner, went on the road, and started doing theatre. This went on for a while, until one day Mr. Roddenbery called Shatner back, saying that Star Trek popularity had re-grown and the fans were demanding more.
Mr. Roddenbery called the cast back for the making of a motion picture movie. All was not well however, because Nemoy was suing Roddenbery for the release of some blooper real's which were supposed to have been destroyed after a cast party. MR. Nemoy rightly was suing them because these blooper real's were being shown to the public. If this was allowed to continue, Nemoy rightly believed that any actor would be afraid to make a mistake on stage, thinking that it might be released to the public someday. In order for Nemoy to participate in the movie, the suit was settled, and the movie went into production.
From there began a series of 6 TOS (the original Star Trek Series) movies

Star Trek The Next Generation

This series started a little bit before Star Trek The Motion Picture was made. Its cast members were:
The crew of Star Trek TNG (The Next Generation) took us to even farther reaches of he galaxy, and explored our imaginations in greater depth.


I would have to say that Deep Space Nine was one of the best of all of the Star Trek shows. This part of the Star Trek Universe allowed us to focus more closely on other alien races, which we had only touched on before, and it wasn't on a starship, like all the other series, instead it was on a station! It's cast included


This series was one of the lesser enjoyable ones, yet it is still a good series, or should I say, now it is!

What happened was that the whole crew of the Starship Voyager was hurled into the Delta quadrant by a mysterious being called "THE CARETAKER."
Now all the crew of Voyager wants to do, it get home!
It's major cast members include:

BOOKS I have/am reading many interesting books on Star Trek, they include:
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