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(for those few souls who want to know)

Name: David

Nickname: D, Big D, Dave, Scifisamurai

Location: DeLand Florida

School: Father Lopez (in Daytona-30 minute bus ride, it's ok though, because I need the sleep time!!!)

Grade: Senior: graduate 2002!!!

Favorite Class: Espanol ^_^(Spanish), History, Computers, and Math (except Geometry, ugh)

Least Favorite Class: Chemistry Honors (strange b/c I liked Chemistry in Middle School)

Favorite TV shows: Martial Law(was canceled,~_~), Roswell, Family Ties, Andromeda, Earth Final Conflict, Stargate SG-1 Enterprise, and almost any ANIME (Inital D!!!! :), English Sailor Moon, Outlaw Star, The Big O, Tenchi Muyo, and Teknoman/Tekkaman Blade!!!)

Favorite Characters: Terell, Takahashi Ryosuke, Takumi Fujiwara, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Tenchi, Sasami and Tina (their so cute), Quatre, Freeman/Jamison, Aki/Star, and Slade

Nationality: American, French, Polish, Austrian, German, Italian, and Irish

Hobbies:  Altar Serving, Drama, Singing, Biking, Basketball, learning about Martial Arts and other languages (French, Japanese and Spanish), and Anime (all the ones already mentioned)

Awesome Friends:
This section is blank currently due to the fact that I did not want to leave anyone out, plus the fact that I like all my friends the same, and they don't need to have me put their name down on a webpage to proove it to them. If they think they do, then they're not a real friend. I'm not tryng to be mean, it's just that I have had so many people get ticked off at me because I did not put their name down. To those people I apologize, and I am doing this mainly so that I won't tick anyone off anymore, ok? If anyone has any questions or comments please E-mail me. Thank you.

Favorite Bands/Singer(s): (some of these you probably haven't heard of) Antiloop, Sash, Move and Ayumi Hamasaki (Jpop Musicians :)), Earthbound, Paul Oakenfold, Juno Reactor, Real Life and Depeche Mode (80's Bands), Dune, and some NSync(Ok, now please don't laugh, but the thing is, I try to see how they sing, then see if I can sing like they did, ok now please stop laughing!)

Favorite Movies (these should have been on my list, as well):Big Trouble in Little China, Encino Man, Airborne (the one about the surfer), Gleaming the Cube, Jackie Chan's Supercop, Bloodsport (don't let the name fool you), Kickboxer 4, Mortal Kombat, Deep Impact, and Tekwar(all the movies in the series).

Oh, and if anyone is interested in the Anime series Card Captor Sakura, check out my friend, Tiffany's website!

Oh, and if anyone is interested in finding a Japanese-English dictionary/translator here is a great site that I found!