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(Tekkaman Blade)

Imagine yourself in the future.  You are Ness Carter and you find yourself in the middle of a transformation.  You know that the rest of your family has already or will undergo the same transformation.  Something happens and you escape the tranformation before it has finished.  You find yourself on earth with no memory of your previous life.  You only know that your name is


    Your transformation gave you the power to transform into a SUPERHERO

Known as TEKNOMAN!!!

    Now your main mission is to make sure that the those that transformed your family into evil Teknoman/Tekkaman won't do the same to anyone else.  You remember later little details of your past life.  You remember after a while that Darkon, the leader of the Teknoman/Tekkaman was your former older brother, Kengo. He also knows that his twin brother Kain has turned into Teknoman Saber, loyal only to the evil Darkon.  In fact one of the worst internal conflicts that you have inside of you is the fact that whenever you fight a Teknoman/Tekkaman it might have once been a member of your family.  You do know for certain though that all the Teknoman/Tekkaman were once human beings who have been unrightfully deprived of their humanity!

Now you begin your mission to rid humanity of the Radam/Venemoid threat. Slowly throught the series you battle with the alien forces within yourself which have in a way mutated you to allow you to transform into a tekkaman.

Yet, like a great deal of things in life, this too has it's price. This price however is one that costs you your humanity. The one thing that is the most precious thing to all humans. You must not, you WILL NOT let the evil radam influence overtake you. Hence you are driven to fight for the future of all humans.

Main Conflicts

  Your first struggle that you go through is the struggle of allowing yourself to be accepted by a group of humans called The Space Knights. They are willing to accept you but you must let them accept you. You feel hurt and angry at the same time. You don't want what happened to your family to happen to anyone else. Hence you feel that you must be introverted. You must leave your feelings to work out their combat within yourself, and not let anyone else in for fear of hurting them..

    This is not the extent of my Teknoman/Tekkaman page!  It's only what I've gotten a chance to write so far.  I will be adding a lot more stuff in the future, hopefully!

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