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                                               FATHER LOPEZ CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
    Ah now a bit of information about Lopez for those who are interested in it.  Lopez is a catholic high school named after Father Lopez who was one of the first priests to settle in Saint Augustine.  Mr. Gonsalves, the principal, was given this land at a certain price with the assurance that it would be used to build a school, hence Father Lopez.  Father Lopez High School is very old, exactly how old, I don't know.  Lopez is a very safe and highly educational facility.  My first year I didn't really have a lot of fun, this was mainly for two reasons: a:) I didn't know many people, and b: there wasn't any choir, which my old school had had.  My sophomore year all of that changed, I got to know more and more people, and Lopez started a new choir.  Granted right now we are a bit shaky, but that is somewhat do to the lack of a good amount of singers who are willing to get up and sing.  Many people, mainly my two best friends tell me that I am "loud".  I realize that, and I don't want to drown anyone out, and I will continue to try to sing well, without drowning everyone out.  I am sorry!!!, it is just that I love to sing, and have been singing since I was in pre-school.