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(This is my first attempt at doing this, so if it's not perfect, please be patient!
Soon I hope to have information on myself, scifi, anime, movies, DeLand, music, and a few downloads)

Learn Much You Will, YEEESSSS!!!

    Holla, me llamo Scifisamurai, webmaster de Scifisamurai's Home Page!  First I'd like to congratulate you for finding my webpage!  I hope that you find information that will interest you in the deep caverns of my website!  (crosses fingers)!


 Science Fiction (Star Trek, mainly!)

 The Best Music in the World (that I've heard, at least)

  Information on DeLand (my home-town)!

Some Awesome Movies

 Roswell (t.v. shows centered around that mysterious town!)

 Teknoman (YAAAAHH!)

 All About Me

 JUNGALBOOK (The first play that I can honestly say that I loved doing in 2001

*New* Tueday October 8/ 02

Well I know I said I'm going to update and I will- I'm just posting this because well it might take a while seeing as I'm kinda busy these days. Plus to make matters worse I've had a cold (a common cough/head congestion type cold but still an annoying cold) that's been bugging me for the past week since past Wednesday-I figured it'd be gone by now; but it's not-it's still plaguing me- grrrrrr(~_~). I need to finish reading Things Fall Apart for an assignment on Thursday - I'm halfway through so I should be able to finish it easy (if I don't have other junk to do), speaking of which I have to study for a Bio test on Meiosis and Mitosis and such for tomorrow - oyyyyy (~_~), plus I have a little assignment to do for C Programming (I wish I knew C better because it's fun yet stressful at the same time - wierd, neh? Anyway here's what I plan to add soon:

A new guestbook (guestbook4free is having tech problems)

A message board (in the odd hopes of actually making this site a decent size I know it's a far fetched chance but still I'm grabbing for it!! HAHA!!

A new counter so I can actually keep track of stats better (because Hitometer only services AOL Hometown now)

A blog errr journal whatever you wish to call it just for common ramblings like the above post.

Site polls to hopefully get some feedback from you (the visitor(s)) and any other suggestions please E-mail me Thanks ^_^ and may your day be filled with exuberant joy!!!

Monday September 23/02

Well due to lack of activity and ideas I haven't updated the site in like a year, gomen naisai for those of you that actually visit my site (arigou gozaimasu/thank you!!!) There is a problem with the Guestbook4free site in that for some reason they've canceled the guestbook service plus my counter service is now only servicing aol hometown homepages. What this means is that I no longer have any statistics aside from the counter itself to help gauge site activity. Hence I have a decent amount of revamping to do. "Ahhh Master Luke had chiminey to dooo" (C3PO: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) I'm going to get rid of the message board because well no one uses it including me, & I'll try to get a much more popular message board service like ezboard. That way if you have an account on any ezboard you can post if you want to that is. Well I've got a decent amount of stuff to do. Any suggests are always welcomed, just e-mail me:)! Thank you in advance! ^_^

Saturday April 21/01
NEW MESSAGEBOARD! YEAHH Scifisamurai's BBoardPlease post any questions or comments you want to! (Please no cursing, profanity, or ill treatment of others. Thank you! ^_^)
Ok, well, I finally have managed to get some software that will allow me to capture video clips off the tv! YEAHHH. I've already captured some movies in avi format. They're not up yet, but they will be soon! I have to recompress many of them because the file sizes are extremely big. The only drawback on recompressing them, is that it decreases the quality of the video. I mainly only recompressed the clips, not the intro's and endings. Well, I hope to put way more stuff on this page, then I'll start trying to promote the site more. I might have to find a new server for the new files, due to the size. (Tripod gives you 50 megs free, which is really great, but for files as big as the ones I have, I need to find someplace that will be able to accommodate them.) Heh
April 14/01 Arghhh, my computer will not recognize my cd burner. That means that my computer will have to remain chock full of files for more and more weeks, until I am able to either get a new one or have this one returned from Acer, due to the fact that the warranty isn't up yet. I've only had the burner for 4 months and it just goes on the fritz! Arghh, oh well. Why am I posting this? What does this have to do with the site? Well, I'm not really sure, only another thing I have to do, which takes up even more time. Ah well. I'm done complaining, sorry about that, heh!
Date-unknown, heh.
I finally made myself redoo the home page.  I don't know why I hadn't done it sooner!  It was the only page on my site that I just didn't seem to like.  It was ok, but it just didn't get my attention like a few of my other pages did.  Well, I hope you all like this revamped home page!  Oh, and I added a Teknoman and Profile Page!

This is for any TOS ( The original series of STAR TREK) fan.  If you remember in Star Trek VII Captain Kirk was killed by a bunch of rocks falling on him.  Well I just found out that there is a whole campaign about people who want a more suitable way to say good bye to one of Star Trek's most beloved heroes.  This is simply because, "LEGENDS NEVER DIE". If your interested go to The official bring back Kirk web site to find out more information about Captain Kirk and a possible new Star Trek movie which may include Shatner (Kirk) and Nimoy  (Spock).



So far people have discovered my web page hidden away in the cobwebs of the internet!

Comments, requests, suggestions, or questions, please feel free to E-mail me!

    I have a few pictures on this site, but I don't know who to credit all of them to.  This is due to the fact that I have pictures on my hardrive dating back to 1997, and have done a lot of web surfing since then and have acquired numerous JPG's, GIF's, as well as backgrounds, desktop themes, etc...
Anyway, if you do know who I should credit them to, I will do so.  Just E-mail  me!